US Embassy Dhaka, Bangladesh

US Department of State Bureau of Overseas Building Operations

Reconfiguration of Existing Embassy Site

OCMI was retained by the architect, Krueck Sexton Partners, to contribute to components of the Project Development Series (PDS) for a full-scale reconfiguration of the Dhaka embassy site. Originally built in the mid-1980s and expanded several times, OBO requested a team to evaluate the existing facilities to identify building system and functionality inefficiencies within 2020 OBO Design Standards. The review also included an evaluation of existing security threats to the facility. Based on minimal conceptual narrative, our team began the evaluation of the site for redevelopment. OCMI was tasked with reviewing and refining construction logistics plans and phasing plans in advance of design startup as part of this task. During the PDS, OCMI was provided the following information to develop our findings:

  • Construction and design regulations, including restrictions on construction and delivery hours.
  • Construction staging and phasing coordination.
  • Regulations and laws for foreign companies doing business in the country.
  • Shipping/customs local regulations.
  • Regulations regarding worker protection from hazardous materials.
  • Waste disposal requirements, including hazardous materials.
  • Working with our cost estimator to confirm construction material costs.

OCMI developed a preliminary schedule and identified risk items, accounting for zoning and site development issues related to construction staging and phasing coordination. A kick-off meeting was held in Arlington, VA, at OBO offices. Several tasks were performed and coordinated prior to the trip to the site in the host country.

Renderings courtesy of Krueck Sexton Partners