Cost Control

Aimed at minimizing risk and adding value to your project, O’C Insight’s Cost Control suite delivers a menu of in-house, tailored solutions that produce accurate cost data to help you make informed decisions for your project. 

Helping Clients Control their Project Costs

As trusted experts in cost, OCMI’s in-house team of certified cost professionals offer a comprehensive set of solutions for any program or project. Based on the client or project’s goals, we can pull from and tailor our O’C Insight suite of solutions to exactly meet what you need.

How O'C Insight's Cost Control Solutions Benefit You

Cost control in construction management is part art and part science. What separates OCMI is our mindset. We don’t just run your construction drawings through a computer to determine cost. Instead, we spend a bulk of our time trying to determine the best cost solutions, while understanding the potential cost risks associated with your project.

We deliver client-focused solutions aimed at problem solving and risk mitigation. Our philosophy: You can have the best data in the world, but if you don’t have the right people with the knowledge and expertise to interpret – and question – that data, then seek out alternative solutions, the data doesn’t mean a thing. That’s the OCMI difference.

OCMI has provided cost estimating services on more than 8,000 projects, and we’re proud to report an average bid variance of +/- 3 percent. Our in-house database, combined with on-the-ground knowledge and relationships with local contractors and subcontractors, allow OCMI’s expert cost control teams to leverage and analyze data and the specific details of your project to deliver a timely and accurate result every time.

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Cost Wheel


Creating a framework to set up and track costs, OCMI’s benchmarking solutions aid in the initial development and subsequent control and management of your project’s budget.

Market Studies

Researching and analyzing industry conditions, OCMI’s market studies explore all the economic factors that could affect your project’s cost. Our market studies incorporate the costs of material, equipment, and labor; the availability of contractor and subcontractor labor; and perspectives from local A/E/C industry professionals, among other customized topics.

Cost Modeling

Collecting data from comparable projects, OCMI’s cost models serve as planning guides for designing a budget during a project’s early stages. Throughout your project’s design, our team will use the cost model to measure and validate the project’s cost, helping to maintain your original budget.

Value Engineering

Enhancing functionality, sustainability, and aesthetics, OCMI’s value engineering solutions achieve the most effective and economical design to meet your project’s budget, program, and functional needs.

Cost Estimating

Accurately reflecting anticipated bid prices, OCMI’s expert cost teams prepare parametric/conceptual, schematic, design development, and construction document estimates, incorporating live historical data, project scope, location, and local market conditions.

Variance Reports

Tracking costs from one phase to the next, OCMI’s cost teams develop variance reports that compare costs on a divisional basis, as well as multiple estimates, to identify cost trends and to help you better understand a project’s overall cost breakdowns.


Illustrating a project’s cost performance, OCMI develops customized data visualization dashboards that break down and analyze costs, and present an overall “snapshot” of the project’s performance in real time.

Bid Analysis

Comparing quotes from multiple contractors and subcontractors, OCMI’s bid analyses evaluate same or similar-priced items to ensure your receive a realistic price based on market conditions.

Change Order Analysis

OCMI’s expertise in cost provides thorough and fair resolution for change orders during construction. Our process of entitlement, valuation, negotiation, and documentation gives our clients the analysis and transparency to resolve changes in the scope of work expeditiously.

Schedule Control

At OCMI, we view schedule control as the place where timing and costs intersect.

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Project & Construction Management

Project and construction management is a 24/7 job at OCMI, and our PM/CM professionals take that duty seriously.

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