Schedule Control

Who is looking out for potential risks on your construction project? Who is ensuring lead times are accounted for and cost-effective processes are being followed by your contractors?

At OCMI, we view schedule control as the place where timing and costs intersect. Our O’C Insight platform of schedule control solutions ensure these concepts don’t live in separate silos. OCMI’s schedule control professionals come together to ensure your project is finished on time and well within budget.

Simplifying Complex Projects Step by Step

As experienced scheduling consultants, OCMI’s teams distill information to help our clients understand project complexities and ease their decision-making processes. From preliminary planning studies, document and design phases, through construction and close-out, our O’C Insight menu of solutions address all aspects of construction scheduling.

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How O'C Insight's Schedule Control Solutions Benefit You

The OCMI construction planning and scheduling team doesn’t just look for ways to make sure your project is delivered on time; we seek alternative methods designed to improve the overall quality of the work while staying on time and within budget.

We understand that all projects are time-sensitive. Whether it’s a school building, a mission critical-facility, a hospital, or a government project, time is of the essence.

When your project is behind schedule, you’re losing money. That’s where our O'C Insight Schedule Control solutions come in. By proactively identifying risks and red flags, we work diligently to ensure your project hits all its marks – from start to finish.

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master programming

Master Programming

Delivering a high-level summary of a project’s construction schedule, OCMI’s master programming and Enterprise Project Portfolio Management (EPPM) solutions combine preliminary, phasing, sub-schedules and activities to present a comprehensive, step-by-step program overview.

Baseline Scheduling

Presenting the project’s status at any point in time, OCMI’s expert schedulers create CPM schedules that help our clients to benchmark and measure a project as it progresses. Our schedulers develop customized cost loaded, resource loaded, cash flow projection, and workforce/equipment projection schedules in Primavera P6, EPPM, 4D BIM, and other industry-leading software platforms.

Progress Analysis

Preparing, reviewing, and updating the on-going status of a project for a contractor and owner, OCMI’s schedulers use progress analysis to measure data, observe changes, and evaluate the appropriateness and impacts of changes to the schedule. In instances when a project is at risk of becoming behind schedule, our teams propose realistic recovery and mitigation measures.

Delay Analysis

Evaluating alternatives that can improve a project’s completion, OCMI’s schedulers prepare a series of delay analysis solutions, such as Time Impact Analyses, Multiple-Shift Schedules, Window Analyses and others, to regain or return a project to its originally scheduled completion date.

Analytics & Reporting

Focusing on future outcomes, OCMI’s schedulers work with our clients to develop Earned Value Performance Status Reporting, Key Performance Indexes (KPIs) and dashboards that capture and report data visualization, and provide a “snapshot” of the project’s performance in real time.

Pull Planning™

Seeking to continuously eliminate non value-added items from the construction process, OCMI’s schedulers use the LEAN Pull Planning™ process to deliver and improve a workable construction schedule, so that it is a truly collaborative tool for all project team members.

Cost Control

OCMI's cost control services promote accuracy through market research and data analysis.

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Project & Construction Management

Project and construction management is a 24/7 job at OCMI, and PM/CM professionals take that duty seriously.

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