ENS 700 Field

San Diego State University
Awards & Mentions
  • APWA San Diego & Imperial
    Counties Chapter, Project of
    the Year, 2020

New 3-Acre Recreation Field Builds Student Community

As part of an on-call contract to provide construction management services, OCMI was a liaison overseeing the ENS 700 Field, a new 3-acre sports field in the middle of campus. Funded by SDSU’s Associated Students, the new field, designed by KTU+A allows students to join in intramural sports and drop-in recreation activities. The $5 million renovation includes new turf technology, unique, modern LED sports lighting for evening use, a specialized infill system to keep the artificial turf cooler during summer, and enhanced landscaping. The new turf technology provides participants with lowered field temperatures and maximum shock reduction. This space utilizes highly focused vertical LED lighting that minimizes light spill and power consumption while expanding the campus community options for day and evening outdoor play.

An existing lawn space on campus was converted for this recreational area designed to encourage student engagement and community.