Delivering Custom Solutions that Serve our Nation’s Veterans

Department of Veterans Affairs

OCMI’s platform of cost control solutions continues to deliver results to the Department of Veterans Affairs

A Service-Disabled, Veteran-Owned Small Business, OCMI takes pride in our work serving the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). Having worked on hundreds of VA projects around the country, our unique insight and perspective on how to estimate, schedule, and construct a variety of VA building types have led us to be a premier “go to” resource of construction knowledge and trends.

Leading by Example
Delivering best-in-class practices and industry data to hundreds of Resident Engineers, Project and Construction Managers across the VA’s nationwide facilities, OCMI’s team is leading by example.

Under our nationwide Cost Estimating IDIQ contract, OCMI has begun conducting a series of webinar presentations on cost control challenges and topics frequently faced by the VA staff. Through these webinars, the VA staff gains a better understanding of cost estimating requirements, reviewing cost estimates, evaluating cost proposals, and understanding construction cost drivers.

Proposing VE Solutions
Through an extensive cost engineering study and exercise, our team discovered ways to save more than $5 million of a project’s budget, bringing it closer to its original cost.

Our team reviewed the design of a new 30,000-SF kitchen facility at the West Los Angeles VAMC. In preparation, OCMI’s cost estimating team developed three (3) cost models to illustrate the cost drivers of the project. Through this exercise, OCMI determined that the project’s cost was 26 percent above the VA’s allotted budget.

Then, over the course of a week-long session, our team brainstormed hundreds of ideas and considered various other project-associated risks. In the end, our team’s recommendations would help the VA save more than $5 million on the project, bringing it closer to its original cost.

Understanding Local Market & Bidding Conditions
Originally hired to produce an independent government estimate, because of OCMI’s efforts, they have now retained our team so that they can continue to benefit from our cost control and value engineering expertise to create an honorable resting place for our nation’s heroes.

The Western New York National Cemetery, located outside of Buffalo, encompasses 132 acres and supports the proper burial of close to 100,000 veterans. In less than three weeks, OCMI developed an initial comprehensive cost estimate of the project’s first phase, which involved in-depth analysis and review of hundreds of pages of construction drawings.

OCMI’s results were right on the money. Using our in-house, proprietary cost database and understanding the local construction market and bid conditions, our estimate of $45.8 million fell in between the two bids received at $45 million and $46 million, respectively.

While this critical project is over budget, the VA has retained OCMI to support them in ongoing cost and value engineering services, so that we can all make sure to deliver a facility and respectful resting place for the region’s veteran community.