The Art & Science of Mission Critical Facilities

Confidential Mission Critical / Data Centers

What are some of the critical components of building a mission-critical data center facility? Speed, ingenuity, and flexibility, to name a few.

Through our O’C Insight platform for scheduling services, OCMI delivers custom, responsive, and agile solutions to support these specialized projects.

With dedicated construction schedulers on-site at mission-critical data centers throughout the Omaha, Nebraska metropolitan area – one of the leading markets for the construction of the nation’s most popular technology companies – OCMI leaves no room for error, meeting tight schedules, and delivering innovative, smart solutions.

Scheduling $4 Billion of Mission Critical Data Center Projects
Since 2013, OCMI teams have worked closely with selected General Contractors on nearly $4 billion of construction of mission-critical data centers in and around Omaha. To date, these projects have encompassed more than 25 acres of land.

To meet the daily demands of these time-sensitive and coordination-intensive projects, OCMI’s team:

  • Manages and delivers on-site project controls that encompass schedule and cost management
  • Provides project planning and program master planning
  • Offers schedule and time impact analysis

In addition, the OCMI team interacts with the client and between 30 and 35 contractors, sub-contractors, and other vendors, totaling between 3,800 and 4,000 personnel. Notable contractors include Whiting-Turner and JE Dunn Construction.

More than Just Scheduling
What OCMI’s teams produce is more than just a schedule in P6. There is an art to distilling information to help our clients understand project complexities and ease their decision-making processes.

We are rooted in the ongoing planning and constructing of these facilities. We bring our understanding of the key demographics and resource constraints of the local contractor and construction markets. As these are the largest construction projects in the area, we offer unique insight into identifying and analyzing the availability of contractor resources on any project type.

Our teams collect and share this information so that on each of our projects and deliverables we promote solutions that streamline and improve the construction process.

Where Time & Costs Intersect
Our teams are on the ground, working directly with general contractors, sub-contractors, vendors, in addition to architects, engineers, and other professionals. They are continuously receiving up-to-date construction data on labor, materials, and other costs.

This is the science of delivering construction scheduling, the place where time and costs intersect. With this information, we develop and document our understanding of the existing markets and expectations at the time of the project’s bid through construction. OCMI’s team of expert estimators and schedulers then utilize this data to inform our cost and schedule control deliverables.

Together, OCMI’s estimators and schedulers continually look for ways to ensure the project is delivered on time, on budget, and at or above quality benchmarks.