I-11 Boulder City Bypass, Phase II

Regional Transportation Commission

Where our cost and schedule solutions intersect, this new freeway will alleviate traffic congestion and connect millions of commuters every year.

OCMI has provided cost estimating and baseline scheduling services for this $230 million infrastructure project.

Critical to understanding the magnitude of the project, our team collaborated with two (2) specialized firms to digitize alignment and 3D graphics for incorporation into our cost estimates. Additional cost factors included weight limitations and restrictions over bridges for heavy duty haul trucks. OCMI’s team also provided a CPM schedule to ascertain the duration of various construction sequences, the number of crews, batch plant locations, and general conditions.

Comprising 12.2 miles of new freeway around the perimeter of Boulder City from US-95 to US-93, the four-lane access controlled freeway includes 6 million cubic yard of blasted rock cut 250 feet deep through a mountain ridge, 11 bridges, and under/overcrossings for big horn sheep and the protected desert tortoise. The bypass connects at the access road to the Hoover Dam and the new O’Callaghan/Tillman bridge to Arizona.

Photography courtesy of OCMI, Inc.