SAFE Credit Union Convention Center Renovation & Expansion

City of Sacramento

Cornerstone convention center project will revitalize the City’s downtown.

Located in downtown Sacramento, the Convention Center was originally built in 1974 and then expanded in 1996. The $180 million renovation and expansion of the convention center has a goal of increasing market capture for conventions in Sacramento, maximizing event flexibility and stacking, improving the guest experience, and maximizing synergies with concurrent theater renovations. The convention center, community theater, and memorial theater are grouped together by the City as the C3 projects. Between the convention center and the community theater, a large activities plaza will create outdoor space for events and community gatherings.

Renovation of the convention center will involve the portion of the building was built in 1996 (east) and expansion requires that the 1974 (west) side be demolished. Two new exhibit halls will be built on the west increasing exhibit space from 137,000 to 160,000 SF. In addition, a new east lobby and meeting room space on the east side will be constructed. On the west side, a new lobby, kitchen, café, 40,000 SF ballroom and meeting rooms will be built.

The demolition and early construction work, beginning in December 2018, will occur in an occupied and active convention center. In July 2019, the convention center will completely shut down until November 2020, when it reopens for events. The remaining construction work will then continue in the interior, including the new ballroom.

O’Connor was hired by the City just prior to construction start. Our services include construction management, inspection, GMP review, change order review, scheduling, labor compliance, and special inspection & testing.

Renderings courtesy of Populous