Zura Residence Hall

San Diego State University
Awards & Mentions
  • CMAA, Regional & National Achievement Award, 2016
  • DBIA, Award Winner, 2015

Strict schedule. Major renovations. New addition. Potential loss of $6M in revenue. No problem – OCMI got it done.

Facing a tight deadline for grand opening and a structure built in 1968 with no major renovations over nearly 50 years, OCMI took on the Zura Residence Hall Project for San Diego State University.

The 141,000 square foot building consisted of three separate towers housing more than 500 students. The project included enhancement of the main entrance, enclosure of balconies, new restrooms, upgraded finishes, new HVAC, plumbing and electrical, window replacement, seismic upgrades and a new rooftop terrace.

Facing deferred maintenance costs of nearly $500 million, SDSU chose to bring on OCMI for the $53 million, 24-month design and construction project. If the hall didn’t open by Fall 2015, SDSU estimated it would cost $6 million in lost revenue, so timing was critical. On top of that, the project is on an active campus, which meant noise and work hour restrictions throughout the project.

Utilizing the Collaborative Design/Build project delivery method, the OCMI team was completed the construction phase renovations in 14 months. All 650 students were back in the space within one (1) calendar year. The building is LEED Silver certified.

Photography courtesy of Lawrence Anderson Photography, Inc. and Craig Kerstetter.