UCSF Medical Center

University of California, San Francisco

Regardless of the size, we deliver cost control solutions  with equal commitment and clarity and consider a full-range of unique challenges.

Since 1997, the OCMI team has provided on-call estimating services to the UCSF Medical Center for a wide variety of projects, including at Mount Zion, Moffitt, and Long Hospitals. These projects range from small equipment replacements to large infrastructure upgrades. Among the many projects that we have worked on include:

  • Long Hospital Medical Air Upgrade
  • Long Hospital Level 3 Nuclear Camera Replacement
  • Long Hospital Level 3 Neuro Angio Suite Upgrades
  • Long Hospital Level 3 L361 CT Scanner
  • Moffitt/Long Domestic Hot Water Upgrade
  • Bldg ACC Generator Replacement
  • Bldg ACC Substation Replacement
  • Mt. Zion Medical Office Building
  • Mt. Zion Room 250 RF Equipment Replacement

When providing estimating services for UCSF’s projects, OCMI’s team has to consider several, unique challenges as part of our solutions. The most significant has been to factor in the hospital’s full occupancy and operability during renovation or construction. With each project’s cost estimate, our team has worked closely with UCSF staff and other project partners to ensure all factors are incorporated, closely monitored, and accounted for in our estimates.