Hoover Dam Facilities Master Plan

United States Bureau of Reclamation

OCMI Provides Program-Level Cost Management Solutions

OCMI is currently supporting a variety of renovation, expansion, maintenance scheduling, and small new construction initiatives throughout the Hoover Dam facility in Boulder City, NV in support of the Architect and the Bureau of Reclamation, a federal agency under the US Department of the Interior.

The scope of the Hoover Dam Facilities Master Plan is to assess the physical and functional condition of relevant facilities and provide a renovation and enhancement schedule recommendation. Close coordination with the Arizona and Nevada State Historic Preservation Offices is required to properly care for the historic buildings across the campus. Assessments of Hoover Dam facilities include scope narratives, preliminary schedules (for individual projects and as part of the larger program), rough order of magnitude (ROM) cost estimates and conceptual drawings.

Facilities considered during the course of the master plan and assessment include:

  • Visitor Center, Theater Level
  • Visitor Center, Exhibit Level
  • Visitor Center, Observation Level
  • Original Exhibit Building
  • Spillway House
  • Nevada Parking Garage
  • Memorial Bridge Plaza
  • Public Restrooms (Existing)
  • Lower Portal Road
  • Terrazzo tile restoration at the ‘Winged Figures of the Republic’ statues
  • Road improvements, repaving and remarking
  • Parking lot improvements, repaving and remarking
  • Checkpoints
  • Interpretive displays
  • Elevators

In support of this effort, OCMI completed an overall master plan cost estimate which specifically accounts for precise phasing, cost escalations, and non-contract activities. Our master plan estimate further breaks down each projects by costs for ‘maintenance’ vs. the costs of ‘improvements’ to help underscore the need and impact of each allocated dollar.