Introducing O’C Insight


In keeping with our successful track record of working on more than 8,000 projects over the past 36 years, OCMI proudly introduces “O’C Insight.” Each project is unique. That is why we designed O’C Insight – a tailored approach to solution-oriented project execution.

What makes O’C Insight such a powerful tool? It is a streamlined platform across a spectrum of project control and construction management solutions. It further assists our team of experts to mix and match and deliver solutions that address any stage of a client’s project.

With O’C Insight, our team will deliver the same quality solutions and serve our clients with the same dedication and commitment. The team of passionate professionals behind O’C Insight – our expert cost, schedule, and construction management professionals – will still strive to minimize risk and promote peace of mind.

Our client’s success will always remain our number one priority.