OCMI assists on Las Vegas Convention Center


Working in partnership with Turner Martin-Harris (Turner Construction Company), a Joint Venture, the OCMI Team ran point providing full-time construction scheduling services on Phase II of the Las Vegas Convention Center expansion project as well as developed independent detailed cost estimates for bid comparisons. The $860-million project recently completed its topping out and is scheduled for completion in 2020. Schedule is a critical driving factor for this project, and the team is utilizing lean construction principles in a collaborative manner to gain buy-in and personal commitments on critical tasks and deliverables. Utilizing Last Planner System®, also known as pull planning, OCMI has been a key contributor in tying this information into progress schedules.

The Convention Center Phase II expansion adds 1.4 million square feet to the current convention facility, and approximately 600,000-SF of new, leasable exhibit space. It will feature modern design, top-tier technology, and contemporary meeting and working spaces. With the expansion, the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority aim to continue to make Las Vegas the number one trade show destination in North America.