Loma Verde Pool & Recreation Center

City of Chula Vista

Construction Management Services to Improve the Quality of an Aging Community Facility in Chula Vista

Under an on-call construction management agreement, OCMI managed the preconstruction phase and construction for the $22M renovation (phase 3) of the City’s Loma Verde Pool and Recreational Center. Loma Verde has been serving the Chula Vista community for over 40 years and has only received minor renovations during that time.

The building includes multi-purpose functions as well as an aquatic facility encompassing 44,000 SF. Funded by Measure P, the scope of work for this phase encompasses a full replacement of the existing building, a replacement of the recreation pool, a 50-meter competition pool, and a splash pad. Spaces include meeting rooms, dance classes, offices, multipurpose rooms, and concessions. The renovations OCMI’s construction management team is managing will improve accessibility and bring electrical and mechanical functions up to the current code.

During planning, the OCMI construction management team assisted the city with developing a list of deficiencies and determining the necessary repairs and renovations. Our cost estimating team developed deliverables comparing the cost of renovations to the full replacement of the facility.

Work continued during procurement and design with the selection of the progressive design-build team of Coar Design Group and EC Constructors.

This is the 5th construction management assignment to be completed by OCMI in support of the City of Chula Vista’s capital program funded by local Measure P, including the award-winning Fire Stations No. 3 and 5.

Photography courtesy of Pablo Mason