Mojave National Preserve, Kelso Fourplex

National Park Service

Serving the Rangers that Protect our National Parks.

For the construction of a new housing facility at the Mojave National Preserve in Kelso, CA, O’Connor provided on-site construction management and inspection services. The new structure is 3,500 SF, for which park employees use it as their residence for the park.

As part of O’Connor’s services, we provided weekly, on-site construction management and inspection services, which included the administration of the construction contract and oversight of construction services. We participated in site visits to inspect the work of the construction contractor for progress, workmanship and conformance with the contract documents and existing codes.

In addition, O’Connor’s coordinated progress meetings between the owner and the contractor, and prepared reports on findings, results and recommendations of the inspection of the project. We also reviewed the contractor’s schedules and pay applications.

The period of performance of this contract was September of 2017 through July of 2018. O’Connor successfully delivered these services and met the National Park Service’s needs.