Continuing a Legacy of Dedicated Leadership, OCMI, Inc. Announces New President, Neil Murphy and CFO, Justin Peterson


Ensuring their organization remains successful and inspires generations to come, OCMI, Inc. has named Neil Murphy as their newest President. Justin Peterson, who has served in the role over the last 11 years, will take over as Chief Financial Officer with Ciaran O’Connor continuing as Chief Executive Officer.

Neil will prioritize OCMI’s dedication to their core values, specifically meaningful service, to continue driving future goals and management of the firm. This includes anticipating needs, advocating project first, and always looking holistically to achieve positive outcomes. Neil will direct operations within the firm to further innovations in construction management, cost estimating, and scheduling. These moves allow OCMI to advance construction services with their proprietary O’C Insight platform, which is utilized to customize a menu of cost estimating, scheduling, and project construction management solutions.

Neil Murphy has served as OCMI’s leading construction management expert for over 20 years, previously holding positions as the Executive Vice President, Regional Manager, Program Manager, Estimator, and Scheduler. He has committed his career to shepherding clients through large-scale capital improvements and mentoring team members through their career paths. Confirming his ample qualifications, Former President Justin Peterson shared “Neil is a natural-born leader. He never hesitates to put himself out front, whether it is advancing an internal initiative or helping clients achieve objectives.”

In his role as CFO, Justin Peterson will channel his efforts into the general management of the business including finance and administration. He began his career as an intern with the firm and moved to develop OCMI’s Las Vegas office in 1997. Spending the last 25+ years nurturing his career and the firm’s steady growth, he has mentored many of OCMI’s team members to their current leadership roles. He has worked alongside Neil Murphy in preparation for this planned transition, ensuring he honed the skills necessary to lead OCMI’s shared vision.

“We all owe tremendous gratitude to Justin for his guidance, integrity, and perseverance and I want to congratulate him on his pivotal role in our success,” said Neil Murphy. “I am excited and fortunate to be able to work closely with Justin in his role as CFO and continue to drive our mission ahead, together.”