Durango Health Center

ORG Property Management (Owner), Culinary Health Fund (Tenant)

A fresh approach to Integrated Project Delivery through holistic teamwork, scheduling, and risk management.

The new 98,000-square-foot Durango Health Center expands access to high-quality primary and pediatric medical care for Culinary Health Fund (CHF) members. Medical spaces include 30 primary exam rooms, 15 dental rooms, 16 physical therapy rooms, physical therapy gymnasium, six mental health rooms, a laboratory, call center, pharmacy, and a two-lane drive-through pharmacy.

OCMI developed an innovative approach to managing the Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) process to ensure the highest degree of team collaboration, eliminate disputes and change orders, and realize cost savings for all IPD team members. OCMI achieved these goals by creating an environment of trust between all team members through extensive communication and coordination.

OCMI utilized pull planning to develop the master project schedule, as well as six-week look ahead and weekly on-site construction schedules. To give each party a platform to voice concerns and promote collaborative problem-solving, OCMI implemented a weekly “Big Room Meeting” with mandatory attendance by each IPD team member, OCMI, and eight major subcontractors. This approach created accountability between parties, minimized disputes, and enhanced decision-making throughout construction.

As a result, the Durango Health Center achieved substantial completion one month ahead of schedule and was delivered under budget. The success of this project will serve as a model for the delivery of future CHF locations in the Las Vegas Valley.

Photography courtesy of Studio J